Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fat Vampire!

Some of you are aware of the game I'm trying to solo build, but it might be a surprise how much of a struggle focus can be when working at home. This past week I finally took Ryan up on a gracious offer to to spend time at his office space during the day, and it's been an incredible boon for my work. I couldn't be happier that he's let me work there, or more hopeful that he lets me continue to do so. And a perk of being around Ryan is putting me in the mood for drawing. Breaks from coding have thus far been spent on doodles and practicing with inks. This page is one of the former.

At draw night later in the day, I was in the mood to do some fan art, and picked Derek's Bearclaw. I'm not sure what his age is in the comic, but I wanted to try a "realistic" take on the character. I imagined him as kind of a grubby, poor white kid with a self-destructive streak and aggrandized ego, though I'm not sure how much I got at that with a few lines. Regardless, it was really fun to draw.

My last draw night sketch page began with the guy in the stiff pose and look of surprise. I wanted to draw something for him to be surprised at, and a fat vampire seemed to do the trick. I really the doodle, because fat is fun.