Sunday, August 28, 2011


Check out Derek's colors over my inks before looking over this week's sketches!

Before draw night, I wanted to ink my picture of Bearclaw for Derek to see if the gray thing I came up with a week earlier still produced happy results. Before I began, I played around with the ink brushes to get in the swing of things. The actual doodles didn't matter too much, but I thought someone might enjoy seeing them.

The actual inks -- finished at draw night -- still made me happy with the approach, but of my two light-gray Pitt pens, I may prefer the warm over the cold gray, the latter of which was used here. The next thing I ink, I'll try a warm. It's weird, I was just looking at some amazing inks by James Harren over at Ottley's new side project and found myself wishing I could do stuff like that, but the real point of all this fiddling lately is finding something that matches my pencils, so if anything, I might just be wishing I could wield a pencil the way that guy does inks. O artist envy.

Once draw night got going, it was the usual fare, which I was happy with. I doodled naked ladies, which I always love; hair, which I also always love, and a weird demon-looking fella with scary wings. The page started with a guy on a saddle (top-center), but I had no reference for a horse so I caved.

Sometime last week I got stuck on game progress, and when I'm busy thinking about different approaches to my Unity scripts, I start mindlessly doodling in the borders. That's what this and the next two pages are.


arnie said...

AWWW YES! thank God your posting again. i get so many ideas and inspirations from these doodles. and studying your line choices helps me with my own doodles.

thanks again Alan

Alan Tew said...

@arnie i love hearing that. i'm trying to post more frequently to keep up with draw night; we'll see how long it lasts this time. ;)

KiMu said...

Alan you're work has inspired and improved my drawings so vastly I can't even begin to thank you. Especially after watching you intsr. video. Great to see more posts.

Anyhow enough o' that. ;)

I really like the last pic with the naked dude grasping and sparks emitting out his hands. More so coz triceps muscles fascinate me just due to how weird they look when flexed.

Alan Tew said...

@calki thanks. i wish i knew a lot more about triceps