Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fan Gnome

This past draw night was particularly fun because a close non-artist friend of mine brought his 10 year-old aspiring artist son to join us. It's always fun having fresh blood, though I obviously worry that customary adult language around our table can get too lax. He was drawing dragons and such, and telling me about a game he likes called Realm of the Mad God (noted for perusal later). To inspire him to do more doodling, I asked if he would draw a character that I could then interpret. His doodle was a gnome-like stick figure with a beard and a curly hat and a massive sword and shield, the former of which had a happy face scrawled on it. Awesome doodle.

After that it was just a bit more light sketching, and I decided to do a little more "no-erase drawing," which is in the lower-left corner. I typically don't erase much to begin with, so a lot of drawings might technically be "no-erase drawings" without knowing so. Regardless, I find it interesting that when I approach drawing with this "no-erase" in mind, that my lines really thin out.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No Redos

More work doodles, this time with some notes on conversations Ryan and I have been having about the state of mainstream comics and comic retail. Ryan encouraged me to post my thoughts on these topics but I haven't gathered up the courage yet. I felt a lot more in my element writing about games.

While thumbing through artist sketchbooks Ryan has bought over the years, I was enjoying me some Wendling and I read that she doesn't like to erase when she draws, preferring instead to doodle the same pose over and over. I believe the thought behind it is that there are positive elements in art that come from not retracting that can be disrupted when erasing to achieve something else -- as though twisting the arm of a drawing can hurt it. It was an interesting notion, so I started doodling without erasing to see what it might look like -- the drawings numbered 1-3.

At work, after reading some Joe the Barbarian, I wondered if mice / rats would be good for my game and I fiddled around with them without getting much traction. Also, on the lower-left is a guy with his hands gesturing. He was my attempt at drawing someone that gestures like I do. I don't think I got the effect quite right, as my hands flop around a lot while I talk.

At draw night it was time for lots of random stuff. The thought occurred to me that I don't draw tattoo'd people that often, and apparently I'm not that good at it when I do. The most fun on the page, I think, is the soldier on the bottom of the page. I wanted to give him a name but have no idea how that one popped in my head.

Monday, September 19, 2011

No Touching!

More random bedtime doodles. It looks like I was trying to practice some punching there, towards the bottom of the page. I've been reading a lot of comics since sharing an office with Ottley, and I notice a lot of my favorite artists are much better at presenting me with "iconic poses" than "snapshot of real action." I still wish I was better at it myself.

I'm pretty sure this one was a work doodle -- scribbles while I think about mind-numbing code.

This last one was from draw night. I asked Ottley for a rough pose that I could fill in assuming he would give me some iconic action, but instead I think he was trying to "out-Alan" me and gave me a really weird figure. He looked sorry after he roughed it in and offered something more "Ottley," but it looked like a challenge to fill in, so I went forward with it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sleep or Doodle?

I'm slightly behind so I hope to have some updates pretty near each other, covering the past couple of weeks. Now that I'm around Ottley every day and doing a bit more regular doodling, and since I don't have a book to read of late, I've been doodling in bed before sleep. It's a decent way to wind down, but now there are eraser bits on my side of the bed.

This second bedtime doodle illustrates one of the problems with trying to tie drawings together with speech balloons over the course of time on a page. I was too lazy to rearrange and rewrite content so I had to number which balloon came first. I had a fun time drawing the hairy mess; after I had finished the lady it looked like she should be holding something in her hand but I really didn't want to think about it and her expression was kinda "grossed out," so I just started making a mess.

When it got to Tue night I was still playing around with figures. Derek made a comment that he liked it when I drew characters that were a little more relaxed and not in crazy poses -- that it better brought out subtleties in the figure that he likes me drawing. I was just happy to finally draw a banana raping a cookie.

Next up was a face that I fiddled with after glancing over at a nearby artist's (sorry for not knowing names!) sketch of a black woman. I drew some bigger lips and the rest pooped (not popped) out. I need to draw people of differing race more often. And more naked ladies jumping out of bubbles.

This was a tired-er nighttime drawing. I asked Jen what I should draw and she asked for a hamster. I don't really know what a hamster looks like off the top of my head but I went for it. Maybe she was just tired but she started laughing uncontrollably at it. With all the laughing going on, I added a hamster wheel and someone giving him a carrot. Shoddy fun. After fending off the giggles Jen complained about the cold, so I wanted to draw a lady that looked chilly.

More work doodles. The line quality of some of the drawings is a little different than my usual fair, so I kinda like looking at it. I imagined someone pinning their palms to their chin and making a weird pose with their hands and head, but after the fact I realized it just looks like I tried to put someone's head in their hands and did a horrible job of it. Oh well. As for the check boxes: it works fine, it detects the sphere, and it's because I had a logic problem with how I was reading my collision trigger options. I know you were dying to know.