Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sleep or Doodle?

I'm slightly behind so I hope to have some updates pretty near each other, covering the past couple of weeks. Now that I'm around Ottley every day and doing a bit more regular doodling, and since I don't have a book to read of late, I've been doodling in bed before sleep. It's a decent way to wind down, but now there are eraser bits on my side of the bed.

This second bedtime doodle illustrates one of the problems with trying to tie drawings together with speech balloons over the course of time on a page. I was too lazy to rearrange and rewrite content so I had to number which balloon came first. I had a fun time drawing the hairy mess; after I had finished the lady it looked like she should be holding something in her hand but I really didn't want to think about it and her expression was kinda "grossed out," so I just started making a mess.

When it got to Tue night I was still playing around with figures. Derek made a comment that he liked it when I drew characters that were a little more relaxed and not in crazy poses -- that it better brought out subtleties in the figure that he likes me drawing. I was just happy to finally draw a banana raping a cookie.

Next up was a face that I fiddled with after glancing over at a nearby artist's (sorry for not knowing names!) sketch of a black woman. I drew some bigger lips and the rest pooped (not popped) out. I need to draw people of differing race more often. And more naked ladies jumping out of bubbles.

This was a tired-er nighttime drawing. I asked Jen what I should draw and she asked for a hamster. I don't really know what a hamster looks like off the top of my head but I went for it. Maybe she was just tired but she started laughing uncontrollably at it. With all the laughing going on, I added a hamster wheel and someone giving him a carrot. Shoddy fun. After fending off the giggles Jen complained about the cold, so I wanted to draw a lady that looked chilly.

More work doodles. The line quality of some of the drawings is a little different than my usual fair, so I kinda like looking at it. I imagined someone pinning their palms to their chin and making a weird pose with their hands and head, but after the fact I realized it just looks like I tried to put someone's head in their hands and did a horrible job of it. Oh well. As for the check boxes: it works fine, it detects the sphere, and it's because I had a logic problem with how I was reading my collision trigger options. I know you were dying to know.


arnie said...

doodle i say no sleep. LOL.
hey Alan welcome back. the one thing i keep forgetting in my work, is something you bring across so casually. gestures. i think you mentioned it a bit in your video tutorial. but it's something i keep straining to work at.

my work comes out more posed and stiff, just lacking in life i suppose. it's the other reason i study your work so intently. no everything comes all at once, some time i have to break it down piece by piece.

thanks again Alan

Alan Tew said...

@arnie thanks for the kind words. i have my own ongoing struggles for sure.

Stephen Green said...

love your blog, Alan. I've learned a TON from your commentary. Thanks for your amazing work.

Fresh Garden said...

Nice post! Fantastic!

Alan Tew said...

Thanks guys!