Saturday, November 3, 2012

24-Hour Comic: The End (Colored)

I decided to color my comic and below are the results. Warning: it still contains male nudity, graphic violence, and adult themes. After trying but never getting comfortable with inks, Ryan Ottley suggested I try something like Didier Cassegrain, who we think doesn't ink but embellishes his pencils with a more "painterly" coloring style. I tried to come up with a painting "technique" to make the painting quick but never mastered it and may have just confused myself. Coloring's never been my forte -- I chock this up to an interesting experiment.

Thanks to my pals for being so supportive since without their encouragement I doubt I would have finished. Derek Hunter and others pointed out that the lettering had problems but I never got specifics that I could fix. An extra big, extra special thanks goes out to Ryan Ottley for especially supportive and encouraging, and for going out of his way to toss it up to Image Comics as a pitch for a "one shot" comic. They gave it a "pass" sans feedback -- but other friends of Ottley's mentioned reservations about "penises" and it being "weird". The response disappointed me but to be fair, I never wrote or drew it with an audience other than myself in mind and I wouldn't have colored it if my only satisfaction would come from it being published. My lack of other plans for it is case in point. But I dunno... What's your opinion?