Monday, May 26, 2014

Is it 2014?

It must be time for a biennial update. I'm still plugging away on my indie game, happily, and the world keeps chugging along. Blogger is diminished (should I Tumblr?) and less people will presumably see this post since the death of Reader, but thbppt. Gotta share those random drawns, and in bulk, to make up for lost time:

Petitties + lion head


Spiderpusbeard ftw

Didn't watch his step

Kathmandu mascot

We totally should.

Goblin scarves + back zits

Note heads

Taco sensei, star wire

So stylin'

Note heads 2

Much random


How to open a sauce packet

Not enough teeth

Note heads 3

Chicken + Stitch-dog

Too much gnome

Slanted ftw

Note heads 4

Critter silhouettes

Curleh mustache

Epic mouth twist

Favored sketches

Bitter face

Snooty profile

Game thoughts

Much random 2

Kittens + sneezes

Much random 3

Keepin' loose

Airplane sketches!

Ottley contributions

Two halves make...

My first name around a cup =

Note heads 4

Armpit fart

Gotta believe

I love you thiiis much

Note heads 5

Much random 3


RPG scribble

Mustache or hair?

Proud bush

Sans shame

Appointment doodle

Perfect hairdos

Hot toes

TMNT + wizard sherriff

Pointed chin excellence

Big news worm



The lamest magic

Much random 4

Pants + yoga pants

Tightly tied tie tie tied tightly

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