Monday, May 26, 2014

Is it 2014?

It must be time for a biennial update. I'm still plugging away on my indie game, happily, and the world keeps chugging along. Blogger is diminished (should I Tumblr?) and less people will presumably see this post since the death of Reader, but thbppt. Gotta share those random drawns, and in bulk, to make up for lost time:

Petitties + lion head


Spiderpusbeard ftw

Didn't watch his step

Kathmandu mascot

We totally should.

Goblin scarves + back zits

Note heads

Taco sensei, star wire

So stylin'

Note heads 2

Much random


How to open a sauce packet

Not enough teeth

Note heads 3

Chicken + Stitch-dog

Too much gnome

Slanted ftw

Note heads 4

Critter silhouettes

Curleh mustache

Epic mouth twist

Favored sketches

Bitter face

Snooty profile

Game thoughts

Much random 2

Kittens + sneezes

Much random 3

Keepin' loose

Airplane sketches!

Ottley contributions

Two halves make...

My first name around a cup =

Note heads 4

Armpit fart

Gotta believe

I love you thiiis much

Note heads 5

Much random 3


RPG scribble

Mustache or hair?

Proud bush

Sans shame

Appointment doodle

Perfect hairdos

Hot toes

TMNT + wizard sherriff

Pointed chin excellence

Big news worm



The lamest magic

Much random 4

Pants + yoga pants

Tightly tied tie tie tied tightly

You always make my day when you visit. Please leave a comment of random randomness, sexy visitor!


Stephen Green said...

I LOVE your blog and your work. It is strange that everyone is switching to tumblr. I hope to see you there!

Unknown said...

These are all awesome man, keep it up! Always excited to see your sketches.

Alan Tew said...

@both thanks guys! It was fun posting again... and nice work, Stephen. :)

Ben Corey said...

Wizard Sherriff is a fantastic idea. Put him in your game.

elias said...

How is the game going? Every once in a while I've wondered. Glad to see you're still working on it. And your art is awesome as always.
: )

Unknown said...

always amazing!

Johannes Helgeson said...

I still look at your stuff! You're cool :) Thanks for sharing the goodness Alan :D

Janderson said...

Mr. Tew!

We are here for you. :)
Love your work, man. Please, keep posting.

When can you show your game for us?

I did one for my final project on college (already a couple of years ago):


Jason Newkirk said...

always dig seeing your sketches Mr Tew!

Unknown said...

I cant believe it!!!
Thank you for this post, I almost lost hope to see your new wonderful drawings)))

Omari Christian said...

Is everyone switching to Tumblr? Hope not--I've got a blogspot.. Either way, I'll follow you.

Tracy Wyatt said...

Dude for real, I never get tired of checking for an update, no matter the number of months that go by. When, finally, I check and find something new it changes my world. I mean it. I haven't put pencil to paper in months but upon seeing this update my creative energy has been restored. You are without question my favorite artist in the world, as evidenced by the fact that I have never EVER gone out of my way to comment on any of the thousand other blogs that I read regularly. Thank you for posting.

Unknown said...

You should publish your sketchbooks. I would buy one right away.
Your work is fun, refreshing, and inspires me to draw a lot more.
Eagerly awaiting more.

Unknown said...

Please, please get a tumblr. I love your work and tumblr lets me keep my favorite artists in view, know if they're up for commission, see their latest projects, or if they've opened up a store of their prints. I admit that I'm lazy, so coming here to stay up to date is... not optimal. There was a a point at which I literally forgot your name and had to retrace my steps of how I found you, how your name sounded, and google keywords. I rediscovered you and added you to the browser bookmarks that now lay forgotten, exchanged for my eternal twin tabs of Tumblr and Twitter. Those rare times that I do draw (poorly) it's inspired by your form, so I'd like to see you out there more.

mOm said...

Hi Alan. Even Mum peeks in now and again :)

Unknown said...

Discovered you earlier this year. Im an aspiring artist and your understanding of human motion is superb. Cant wait to see more stuff.

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